Carla’s Optimized Resistance Exercises

Carla’s Optimized Resistance Exercises = CORE

Carla’s Optimized Resistance Exercises draw on leading techniques, such as Integrative-Core Stabilization Training, Pilates, Plyometrics, TRX Training, Balance and Coordination Training and Traditional Weight Training.

The CORE workouts combine stimulating exercises that strengthen all of the major muscle groups, especially the crucial CORE groups — the abdomen, butt, hips, and lower back.

Healthy, safe and effective workouts are proven to increase strength, balance, posture and coordination, and decrease fat!

Our CORE workout programs are designed to optimize fat burning in training sessions, especially catered to your individual body and needs.

Contact Carla and her CORE fitness team today to set up your first workout.

Not only does Carla offer a well-grounded knowledgebase, but she actually listens to the goals of each client and has the true ability to tailor the regimen to the individual. There is no cookie-cutter mentality in Carla’s approach. Her extensive training, ongoing research, and well-developed instinct allow her to address each client with a fresh slate. She has a particular talent of assessing the needs of her clients on physical as well as on psychological levels. Few trainers seem to be that in-tune with the client. In sum, I have full confidence in Carla’s professional expertise as well as her intuitive awareness of my needs as a client. Thank you Carla!
— Katherine Prenovost, Ph.D. Quantitative Psychologist
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