Successes with Prenatal CORE Training

Pregnancy places unique stresses on your body, but if you prepare your body for these impending dramatic changes with prenatal training (and nutritional eating), you can help ensure safe and healthy pregnancies, and easier labors and deliveries!

When pregnant herself, Carla (photo below) recognized the need for a safe pilates-based fitness routine designed especially to optimize the CORE muscles during those challenging months of maternity.


Monisha J. doing her CORE training while pregnant:

Jane doing her CORE training while pregnant:

Jen doing her CORE training while pregnant:

Niloo doing her CORE training while pregnant:

Nicole doing her CORE training while pregnant, from little belly to big belly!

Lauren B. doing her CORE training while pregnant:

Lauren B. doing her postnatal training!:

Nell doing her CORE training while pregnant:

Lisseth doing her CORE training while pregnant and also postnatal:

Being pregnant for the first time was exciting, but nerve-racking too, so it was very important to me, to have a Prenatal Trainer guide and train me through the process. Carla was a perfect fit! She kept me and my core, fit and strong throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery……and then she helped me bounce back to my pre-pregnancy body in no time. Carla is an amazing trainer and friend.
— Lisseth, Director of Human Resources
It’s only been two weeks since I gave birth to my daughter, and already, I’m itching to get back to my workouts with Carla! I started prenatally training with Carla when I was four weeks pregnant, and continued all the way until my scheduled induction. It was the best decision I ever made! While pregnant, I felt like I was in the best shape of my life! Everyone complimented me about how great I looked. With Carla’s training and encouragement, I maintained a healthy and steady weight gain throughout my pregnancy, and had a “normal” VBAC delivery after my last cesarean. I believe Carla’s prenatal training, particularly her focus on strengthening my core, and improving my stamina, helped me tremendously during my birth! Not only is Carla a proficient, experienced and qualified trainer, she truly cares about her clients’ wellbeing, and is always a steady and supportive presence. I can’t wait to get back to training, once my doctor gives me the green light!
— Dr. Nell Horowitz, Communication Professor, Ph.D.