Successes with CORE Training for Seniors

It has been said that "getting older "aint for sissies." Regular exercise, especially strength training, combined with a nutritious diet, and aerobic exercise, can help you feel younger, less frail and more independent!

Richard (84 yrs old) has been with CORE for 15 years. Right: Richard training with Carla Zeitlin:

Dr. Maurice (82 yrs old) training both indoors and outdoors!:

Yuri S. of West World Productions (72 yrs old), loves to train on his Pilates Reformer:

Sylvia (83 yrs old) training with CORE Associate Trainer, Sean Higgins:

Herb (83 yrs old) is in amazing shape:

Sandy (66 yrs old), is super fun to train — made me laugh all the time!”:

I am now 82 years old, and almost 12 years ago, I began weight training and exercising with Carla…..It was a very important time in my life, and I made the perfect choice. Carla trains with caring for my health and protects me from injury, while helping me to gain overall strength, balance and coordination. I am very happy with my results!
— Richard E. Lewis