Lisseth, Director of Human Resources

“Being pregnant for the first time was exciting, but nerve-racking too, so it was very important to me, to have a Prenatal Trainer guide and train me through the process. Carla was a perfect fit! She kept me and my core, fit and strong throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery……and then she helped me bounce back to my pre-pregnancy body in no time. Carla is an amazing trainer and friend.”

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Ron Sarchian, 3 Time Holder in the Guinness Book of World Records; Stuntman, Actor, Kickboxing Coach and Fitness Expert

“Carla was an instrumental force in training me to win three separate kick-boxing and boxing competitions I entered, for the Guinness Book of World Records. I hired Carla each time I needed to get into peak condition because I know that I can rely on her knowledge, expertise and experience. Carla was able to design optimal, targeted CORE workouts especially suited to help me meet my record-breaking goals through developing my strength and endurance. Today, I am the proud holder of three Guinness Book World Record titles. Carla can help anyone meet their fitness goals!”

Dr. Nell Horowitz, Communication Professor, Ph.D.

“It’s only been two weeks since I gave birth to my daughter, and already, I'm itching to get back to my workouts with Carla!  I started prenatally training with Carla when I was four weeks pregnant, and continued all the way until my scheduled induction.  It was the best decision I ever made!  While pregnant, I felt like I was in the best shape of my life!  Everyone complimented me about how great I looked. With Carla’s training and encouragement, I maintained a healthy and steady weight gain throughout my pregnancy, and had a “normal” VBAC delivery after my last cesarean.  I believe Carla’s prenatal training, particularly her focus on strengthening my core, and improving my stamina, helped me tremendously during my birth!  Not only is Carla a proficient, experienced and qualified trainer, she truly cares about her clients’ wellbeing, and is always a steady and supportive presence. I can’t wait to get back to training, once my doctor gives me the green light!

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Wendy Roberts, MD

“I originally hired Carla because I could not motivate myself to get to the gym regularly. Carla was the solution, and I have been training with her for three years now. Carla not only makes every workout effective and challenging, but she also makes them fun, with her sense of humor and enthusiasm. She frequently changes and recreates my exercise routines so I never get bored too. I feel great during our sessions — and my days start out right after my workouts with Carla, improving the overall way I feel about myself! Without reservation, I give Carla the highest recommendation.”

Jessica, Developer of California Baby®

“I believe that a vigorous workout is part of any proper healthcare regimen. Vitamins, homeopathy, herbs and healthy eating are important, but unless I get a balanced workout, I just don’t feel right. Carla keeps me feeling good. She is a professional trainer; she doesn’t dabble–this isn’t a side job for her. I love how she incorporates balance exercises into my workouts (comes in handy when wearing high heels!) that includes Pilates, yoga, core training and cardio. Carla cares. Obviously, I recommend her. If you want to age gracefully, sign up to workout with her–I doubt you will ever regret it. Consider it part of your health care premium.”

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Richard E. Lewis

“I am now 82 years old, and almost 12 years ago, I began weight training and exercising with Carla…..It was a very important time in my life, and I made the perfect choice. Carla trains with caring for my health and protects me from injury, while helping me to gain overall strength, balance and coordination. I am very happy with my results!”

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Tekla Reuten, Actress

“Embracing My CORE Training”
“Every movement you make is easier and better when your CORE, your Base, is well trained and strong. With Carla I discovered how essential CORE training is, and I believe it should come first for everybody as it improves your posture, your coordination, and your balance. Carla has literally a hundred different tricks and exercises for training CORE muscles and targeted body-parts. Among them, there are some exercises that you will especially like — despite the pain. Carla throws in kickboxing, outdoor training and pilates too — keeping things interesting and versatile. Needless to say, when you enjoy your workouts, you’ll stick to them! I embrace Carla’s Core training! She shapes your workouts — and yourself — for the very best results.”

Katherine Prenovost, Ph.D. Quantitative Psychologist

“Not only does Carla offer a well-grounded knowledgebase, but she actually listens to the goals of each client and has the true ability to tailor the regimen to the individual. There is no cookie-cutter mentality in Carla’s approach. Her extensive training, ongoing research, and well-developed instinct allow her to address each client with a fresh slate. She has a particular talent of assessing the needs of her clients on physical as well as on psychological levels. Few trainers seem to be that in-tune with the client. In sum, I have full confidence in Carla’s professional expertise as well as her intuitive awareness of my needs as a client. Thank you Carla!”

Charles R. Glass, Champion Bodybuilder

"Carla Zeitlin is the best karate instructor I have had, and I’ve had many. Carla has helped me achieve better balance, flexibility, and stability, which in turn, has vastly improved my karate stances and katas. Carla expects the best, and doesn’t settle for less than full commitment to proper technique and form. At the same time, Carla has the patience, motivational skills, experience and knowledge to help you truly excel, at virtually any sport.”

Charles R. Glass is World Bodybuilding Champion 1983, National Bodybuilding Champion 1983, Professional Bodybuilder

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Michelle Jacoby

“I love training with Carla. I have been training with Carla for almost 8 years now and have lost (and kept off for the past 4 years ) over 100 pounds! Carla makes exercise fun. Training with Carla is a very important part of my life, and I plan on sticking around for a long time to come.”

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Steve Lee, Licensed Acupuncturist

“Carla has trained me on and off for years, so that I can continue to partake in all of my favorite sports — karate, rock climbing, skiing, running, and weight lifting. Carla’s functional training style utilizes everything from exercise bands, pilates equipment, balance boards, stability balls, weights and even massage, to keep me fit, strong, flexible and most importantly, injury-free. If you want a comprehensive and serious workout and a trainer who can do it all, Carla is the one.”

Maya Rasak, Marriage and Family Therapist

“Training with Carla was always fun! She has a dynamic personality which keeps it interesting, and her knowledge of health and fitness make the sessions incredibly effective. In 3 short weeks I looked better than I have ever looked in my entire life. I was never able to put on any muscle until my training with Carla. I used to get stopped on the street by people inquiring about what I am doing differently in my training, and I would just answer ……. Carla Zeitlin. Training with Carla will be your best investment.”

Peter Loewenberg, Professor of History, UCLA Training & Supervising Analyst and Dean of the New Center for Psychoanalysis

“Carla is an expert concerning bodily development and exercise regimens, and is personally kind. She is experienced, has emotional intelligence, and pays close attention, tuning in to individual needs. She is a motivator who appropriately paces clients so they grow and move toward their goals. She is familiar with nutrition and physical and health issues. I worked with Carla with great satisfaction and pleasure. I also recommended her to friends who have experienced personal success, are highly satisfied with their gains, and have stayed with her for years.”

Bryony Shaw, Massage Therapist

“As one who has worked out at many different gyms with many different trainers over the years, I can say that Carla and her CORE sessions stand out. Carla is supremely dedicated to her work and to her clients. I am delighted with the shape my body has taken — and continues to take — as well as with the greater self-esteem I now have as a result of looking and feeling fantastic.”

Dr. Dahlia Elazar, Sociologist and Reluctant Exerciser

“Getting stretched by Carla is almost as good as sex…. If she can motivate me to get to the gym regularly, then she must be good.”

Jill Mittelman

“Carla…. I hate exercising except with you. You always change things up and make my workouts fun! You’re the best! *** Jill
It’s been 3-1/2 years since I started training with you Carla, and I’m reminded of how I used to hate exercising and how much I like it now. You make each session a new experience so I never get bored and always leave feeling better than when I arrived. I feel stronger, more balanced and healthier than ever before. Now if you can help me grow a few inches taller…. Thanks for all you do!"